Emerging Market Opportunity Assessment
Tecnova to be a strategic partner for international companies (enterprises, consulting firms, PE/VC firms and start-up firms) to deliver high-quality analysis and insights to make informed and strategic decisions
The team not only provides analysis but also support clients in recommending what approach can be followed to reach their strategic goals.
How we support:
Evaluate potential expansion options including their pros and cons
  • Market Analysis – Market Sizing & Forecast; Due Diligence Support; Scenario Analysis
  • Demand-side and Supply-side Assessment – Understanding the market from supplier’s perspective as well as end-markets
  • Supply Chain and Distribution Channel Analysis – evaluating supply chain and distribution dynamics to better understand tactical aspects for operating in new markets
Understanding performance, opportunity potential and risk exposure when compared to the competition
  • Profiling - Operational & Financial Assessment; Strategic Plans; SWOT Analysis
  • Competitive Strategy Assessment - Peer Benchmarking; Product & Price Benchmarking; Best Practices
  • Competition Tracking
  • Supplier Market Analysis
  • Vendor Identification and Selection
  • Distributor Partner Selection