India Entry Strategy
Reduce Project gestation time by 40%: Led numerous Fortune 500 companies to be successful in India: Comprehensive market assessment with strong local understanding
Our India Entry services include evaluating the opportunity for our Clients, creating a strategic proposition for their entry and implementing the recommended approach to establish a winning presence.
Most of our India entry projects include the following three phases:
We know that to make a ‘go or no-go’ decision, apart from factual information our clients need a feel of the market, the decision makers and influencers and the business culture. Our market exploration methodology includes real-time interactions with industry stakeholders such as potential buyers, distributors/retailers, industry associations and government bodies. Supported by practical experience, we come up with innovative solutions to not only answer your questions on the competition, market opportunity, technical barriers, pricing and distribution channels, but to also provide you with qualified business leads and partners.

Our market exploration approach involves an in-depth assessment of:

  • Current and future opportunity
  • Government Regulations
  • Competition
  • Entry barriers
  • Technology trends
  • Demand & supply gaps
  • Potential Customers/Business leads/Partners
  • Sales & Distribution channels
  • Location Advantage
  • Business Culture
Formulation of an effective strategy goes a long way in the success of a company in a new market. With the results derived in "Market Exploration", our professionals assist clients in evaluating appropriate Indian Entry Strategy options. The assessment takes into account the client’s short term and long term goals, strategic priorities, investment and risk appetite, industry growth curve, success and failure of competitors and best practices. Apart from recommendations on all aspects including product, pricing, distribution and positioning, we prepare an actionable business plan for the client.
Successful Implementation of the formulated strategy is essential for the success of the business. For over 30 years, we have helped companies achieve that with reduced risks and compressed gestation time for being profitable. We undertake all the needed activities to set up the client’s business. This includes:
  • Incorporation of the Indian entity – from registration of the name to all regulatory approvals and compliances to opening the bank account and conducting board meetings
  • Undertaking M&A/JV activities – from target identification to deal structuring to post deal integration
  • Setting up of a Greenfield facility – from location identification to regulatory approvals from Central and State Government Bodies to project management to hiring the right managers
  • Recruiting Key Executives – be it a country manager or a regional sales manager or an administrative employee
  • Identifying operational vendors – this could include contract manufacturer, raw material suppliers or service providers (Logistics/3PL company or outsourced billing/invoicing team), marketing/advertising agencies etc.
  • Setting up a sales pipeline or establishing their brand
  • Identifying the right partner and contract signing – with importer-distributors