Retail Roll-out
Innovative solutions for retail roll-outs for diverse industries

We know that retail roll outs need detailed operational and financial assessments along with a strong plan of implementation. On one hand while we work closely with the client towards compliance to existing FDI norms for retailing; we also support them in all related activities including cash flow maintenance, logistics and inventory management.

Not all retail companies have same business model or requirements. Tecnova takes great pride in devising customized approaches and ways of establishing retail business for its clients.

We use quantifiable methods to work out the operational and financial requirements for retail operations and devise an implementable strategy.

Further, we provide full implementation support that includes company incorporation, identifying and partnering with franchisees, location identification and lease agreement for stores, working with vendors for set-up, regulatory approvals and staff recruitment. Additionally we help manage the back-end operations such as payroll, accounting, book-keeping and inventory audits.

We work like an extended arm of our Client and become an integral part of the foreign brand in India during and after the project and ensure that the brand achieves desired success through our network and expertise in implementation.

Our repertoire of retail roll outs has the diversity from a luxury shoe brand to a global baby care products giant.