A leading producer of starch and derivatives wanted to identify the best mode to enter India

About the Client

The client is amongst the world’s largest producers of starch, polyols, sorbitol, mannitol and xylitol with presence across continents

Project Background

The client wanted to understand business opportunities for starch and its derivatives in India with a focus on applications in food processing, textiles and pharmaceutical industries. Also, the client needed recommendations on the best suited mode of entry in the Indian market.


Tecnova conducted a comprehensive market research and developed a strategy for market entry that focussed on acquiring an Indian player.

As the client’s sole transaction advisor, we undertook the entire acquisition process that involved identifying the right target for acquisition, selecting due diligence agencies, assisting in due diligence, negotiations and drafting of the Share Purchase Agreement. Additionally, we worked on receiving the approval from Foreign Investment promotion Board on behalf of the client and in closing the deal.

Post-closing of transaction, Tecnova was involved in integration and provided recommendations on medium term strategy for expansion and growth.


  • Tecnova helped the client identify and acquire India’s largest starch manufacturer thereby gaining a significant market share, which could have taken a long time through the organic growth route.
  • We provided 100% local support to help the client enter into a deal with an Indian company, avoiding all possible pitfalls during and after the transaction.