Companies that have a high volume requirement for engineering design and drafting services can benefit greatly from Tecnova’s service offering.

We promote the concept of owning and controlling your offshore design and drafting team by hiring and setting up the team and then managing their administrative requirements while our clients control the operational function directly.

The main advantages that Tecnova provides with this offering include –

Evaluate potential expansion options including their pros and cons

  • Leveraging off the abundantly available and highly affordable engineering resources available in India
  • No Hourly billable model. Your team is 100% dedicated to you and will work according to your directions
  • Higher level of privacy. The team hired for your needs will be engaged as your employees in India and will not be shared with any other client
  • Your hardware will be purchased by Tecnova, there will be no capital expenses for your India operations
  • Fully furnished office space, access to established Admin, HR, IT and Travel teams take away the need to set up an independent establishment
  • Clear and Transparent model with a monthly billing structure
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