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“Tailored techniques and strategies according to your business needs is what we strive for”

About Us

The Indian market has been a great opportunity provider for a number of large as well as small businesses. Indian market has witnessed tremendous growth rate over the last decade and is one of the fastest developing economies in the world.  Global organizations find India a good market to achieve growth and are planning to enter the Indian market to start a new era of expansion.


Who We Are

Tecnova, a business consulting firm, provides you the real Indian advantage by assisting you with a captivating India entry strategy. With a group of expert professionals, we believe in delivering quality embedded results for all your needs and this makes us one of the top consulting firms assisting you with India market entry consulting.

We are expert and well established, consulting Services Company that assists in your India market entry and helps build business development and growth of international organizations in India. We work with our clients, through every stride of their expedition, behaving as their on-the-ground collaborator in India.  We conjure up sector expertise and technical resources with practical local advice to render minimal risk and cost efficient solutions, helping companies to reach their full potential in India.

Our distinctiveness is that we furnish a precise end to end, long term support framework for our clients. Our typical client engagement starts at the level when companies are contemplating India as a new market, through to the point where they are fully established and on their growth trajectory in the ongoing years and beyond.

Our clients treasure our hands on and dedicated approach to doing business in India and our success rate of launching many international organizations in India in the past few years is a living proof of that. Our team comprises of experts in their fields, making sure that you are not being dealt with by a generalist or someone who is not a perfectionist in his or her field.


What We Do

Setting your business in India involves a series of steps and procedures and Tecnova is here to let you overcome all the dilemmas and challenges coming your way. With around 30 years of market experience, we have a deep insight about various policies and structure of the Indian market which helps you to have a firm stand in one of the world’s rapidly growing economy.  We always believe in covering an extra mile to ensure that you get precise and remunerative results for all your business needs, unlike other consulting services in India.

If you are already established in India, but are struggling with any aspect of managing or growing your local business, we can also help you meet your goals through our service offerings. Our philosophy to help our clients be successful by providing them with end-to-end solutions has fruited good results for us and our clients both. Today, Tecnova India is a name to reckon with in the consulting fraternity, having served over750 clients across the globe.

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