International fast food joints expand in India

Various companies including international and domestic players are now making an entry into quick service restaurants – QSR – space. This has given rise to widening of the market due to increasing disposable income of the middle class, rapid urbanisation in the country and influence of western food among the young audience.

India’s bullet train vision

Railway Minister Sadananda Gowda, while presenting the railway budget last year, had opined that every Indian has a dream that the bullet train would be launched in the country at the earliest. Stating that the Indian Railways is on the right path to fulfill that dream, he proposed India’s first bullet train to run from Ahmedabad-Mumbai.

India-UK bilateral trade opens investment galore

PM Narendra Modi in his recent visit to the UK agreed with his counterpart David Cameron for continuing to work together for creating sustainable, strong, as well as balanced growth, by further improving investments and bilateral trade.

Indo-German relationship ready to take the next leap

India’s most important partner in Europe, undoubtedly, is Germany. Given the trade of USD 17.9 billion in the last year focusing mostly on machine tools, chemicals, textiles, and electrical goods, the German Chancellor’s – recent visit to India has only further cemented the bi-lateral ties between the two nations.

Chugging along the growth path: Indian auto-component sector

As per the Automotive Mission Plan 2026, the exports from India for components are expected to cross USD 70.5 billion by the year 2026. The initiative ‘Make in India’ is going to play a pivotal role in achieving higher growth in the next 11 years.

Renewable energy in India: The sustainable future

It is estimated that India would be looking at building power capacity of nearly 850 Gw by the year 2030. This target is expected to help the country in offering 35 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emission.

Are your Indian distributors underperforming? Here’s what to do

A global company decides to foray into a new market, engages a local distributor to limit its exposure and starts off with flying colours. Gaining advantage in the early entry stage, sales figures are more than expected.

How foreign companies can make a successful India entry?

A new market comes with additional threats and risks, but with a disciplined approach and accurate market analysis, it is not difficult to successfully make inroads into the Indian market, winning over the masses and niches alike.

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This two-part series will share ten invaluable lessons that can help any company, irrespective of the size and industry which is keen to enter or expand in India.

10 lessons we learnt over 30 years of making companies successful in India – Part 2

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