A Finnish Sports Goods company looking to capture market across categories

About the Client

The Finnish Client is one of the leading sporting goods company in the world. It has revenues in excess of EUR 2 Billion.

Project Background

Although the client had been selling in India, it was not established as a preferred and prominent brand, thereby not realizing the true potential of the market.

Further only one of the client’s brands was present in India through an importer – distributor model, but the client wanted to improve its standing in the Indian market and explore the market for introducing three new brands in India.


Tecnova’s approach included assessment of the market across target categories such as Racquet and ball sports, sports apparel and footwear, fitness equipment and performance time wear.

We evaluated the client’s current approach, market penetration and competition at an overall as well as for specific key brands.

We went on to hire a Country manager for the Indian market and provided long term Incubation support services including administrative support, HR support and IT support.


  • The company successfully re-launched its racquet sports brand in India which took the market by storm. Today it has exclusive stores in the country. The company was also successful in launching three other brands in India.