A leading European chocolates company wanted to launch its leading brands through a distributor

About the Client

The Client is one of the leading Swiss Chocolate brands. It recently celebrated its 125th Anniversary.

Project Background

The client wanted to enter India and therefore, required an in-depth understanding of the market, competitors and distribution channels. The end-objective was to use the market assessment to support in identification of the right distribution partner to launch its chocolate brands in India.


Tecnova conducted an in-depth market analysis to develop the right market entry strategy and also deciphered the supply chain of chocolates in India. Finding and tying up with the right distribution partner was the optimum way of launching the products and therefore, based on our extensive research, we identified the most suited partner for the client.

In order to help the client launch its brand, we developed a detailed marketing and PR strategy for the client.


  • The client managed to gain presence on the retail shelves in over 200 outlets in a short duration, from a single partnership with the distributor recommended by Tecnova. The brand is currently planning to launch more products in the market.