Tecnova has assisted numerous B2B companies from the global arena to set-up and expand their operations in India. Nearly 70% of our consultants are engineers from reputed institutes and with industry experience across functions such as manufacturing, construction, strategy, sourcing, vendor development and quality assurance. This enables us to de-code new and niche products and technologies. We have helped our clients uncover current and future gaps, alternate applications, competitive edge and new opportunities accurately.

Our services for the industrial companies include:

  • Corporate and business unit growth strategy
  • Customer strategy including pricing, value addition and marketing
  • Performance improvement, including manufacturing cost reduction and supply chain management
  • Track technology and market trends to identify new application areas
  • Due diligence, mergers and acquisitions, and post-merger integration
  • Formation of new business entity
  • Establish distribution channels
  • Cost-effective sourcing, vendor development and technology transfer
  • Sales and marketing solutions to generate warm and hot leads – Road-shows and techno-commercial seminars
  • Establish new manufacturing facilities
  • Set-up R&D and Procurement centres
  • Hire management and sales resources

India is on the path to rank among the world’s top 3 manufacturing destinations by the end of this decade:

  • A vast talent pool comprising of English speaking workforce (second only to the US) and skilled workers – Over 1.5 million engineers are added to the work-force from colleges every year in India.
  • Lower raw materials and labour costs, and more working days per year (compared to western and European countries) result in over 25% cost reduction in manufacturing.
  • Growth in consumer demand and purchasing power in the domestic market.
  • Well-regulated and stable financial markets open to foreign investors.
  • Export incentives and tax holidays for foreign companies in Special Economic Zones (SEZ), Export Oriented Zones (EOUs), Electronics Hardware Technology Park (EHTP) and Biotechnology Parks (BTP).
  • Apart from manufacturing, India offers definite advantages to industrial companies in R & D, Engineering Design, Prototyping, Service, Training and Specialty Testing.
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