Helping clients leverage India as manufacturing or sourcing hub

We understand if our client needs a partner to venture into the country, there has to be complete scrutiny, to reduce the chances of error. We know that any inaccuracy may dent the brand reputation of the client, along with bearing losses. It is therefore, necessary for companies to go beyond the traditional approach of calling for tender. Instead, following a thorough process, which is able to cover Indian geography and providing value-addition, helps in reducing the possibility of error.

Tecnova's sourcing and supplier identification strength comes from its:

  • Highly developed supplier selection process
  • Extensive network in the industry, thus quick implementation process
  • Team of dedicated professionals focused on sourcing activities
  • Experience accumulated over three decades in setting up successful sourcing operations
  • Studies of successes and failures in sourcing
  • Understanding of the design, technical and manufacturing aspects across various industries

Whether a company is looking to make India its global sourcing hub or finding a local contract manufacturing partner, collaboration with Tecnova can help to:

  • Reduce resource and time deployment by more than 60%
  • Effective leveraging of cost competitiveness of supply base
  • Implement tried-and-tested and highly developed supplier selection process, eliminating chances of selecting a wrong vendor
  • Evaluate vendors based on audits including ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices and quality processes
  • Learn from successes and failures in the local market and implement best practices
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